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Ask The Devs Your Questions Live!

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As many of you may know, tomorrow J. Todd Coleman, Gordon Walton, Thomas Blair and Tully Ackland will be on the air with the Gold and Glory podcast on 3/25/15 at 8pm EDT and followed immediately with the Crowns and Crows podcast at 9pm. During this time, the hosts will ask the devs various questions about the game and will try getting as much out of it as possible.

The gentlemen over at Gold and Glory and Crowns and Crowns have decided that they don't only want to use their questions, they want yours as well!

If you would like to send the C&C gentlemen a question, you can do so by emailing it to crownsandcrows@gmail.com.


If you would like to send the G&G gentlemen a question, Chief Sarcan requested you drop it over in the Gold and Glory board on Crush the Throne in which they will pick a few questions to use.


Do remember that although you may submit a question, there is no guarantee it will be picked to ask the devs. 

With that, stay tuned tomorrow for all the excitement!

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I'd like to ask how much are the going to invest in tactical gameplay?, with the strategy this game advertises go beyond objectives and into battle behaviors, or will players be flying around with double jumps and chaotic hack and slash, totally circumventing the collision that's advertised.


And will things like melee formation body blocking, or group Archer volleys, or group mage mega spells be considered as well. Things that revolve around a group of players doing things together rather than a horde of players fighting independently.

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