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Kickstarter Backer Packages And Post-Kickstarter Backer Packages

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Is it possible to up our kickstarter pledges to get other tiers or too late for that?


We are offering upgrades and the ability to buy a KS package for a friend also, see today's update:  http://crowfall.com/#/news/buy-crowfall-for-a-friend

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When we started our Kickstarter, we wanted to offer our earliest backers the best deals possible.  And we did!   We didn’t do a perfect job though, our particular game is not identical to other MMO’

Good suggestion and on-target with our plans for upgrades.   The goal of the badge system is to let you choose from any you have purchased, or below those, down to no badge.

Great points we should have covered.   1) We will let people upgrade to the NEW 2015 packages without losing anything from the current one they hold, but not right away.  The Kickstarter packages ar

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