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Get on his level.

Con is here.  Now it is a party.

ahem....first one to 1000   eat it, O lover of smooshy faced kittehs!!        

Here is my LTD   (Long-Tailed Dependant)

Official Name: Tiger

Aliases: Fuzzbutt, FurFace, GetOutOfTheWayYouCrazyCat!

Wanted in Texas and Mexico for larceny, bribery, drinking out of human glasses every chance he gets, possession of catnip, sleeping on the job, suspected Mob member, other crimes against mankind.



Edited by benwp


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This is OC (Other Cat) she loves computers... and when the new laptop arrived the kid hopped on EMU


She is camera shy



my previous signature did not contain nudity... words covered the good bits but alas it is gone....


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