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Blunt Logic, Standing By

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We're very interested in what stands to happen here. The MMO scene has definitely grown stagnant and we've been searching a long time for a game with fresh ideas.

Blunt Logic has its roots back in SWG, a game we all miss, and has been gaming here and there together since. We're currently playing random games awaiting the next good MMO release and we have members participating in the Crowfall testing phases!

We are are a laid back group that is looking for like minded players. Casual or hardcore is less important than attitude and your ability to mesh with the team. We aim to be a small team participating within a larger alliance. We have members across the globe with the majority of our players being in North America. Voice comm (Discord)  is a must.

We run a Discord server for all members. Stop by discord.bluntlogic.com if you want to chat!

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