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Well they might skimp out and just give him a speed boost like the Centaur will apparently get... or....  

A wolf?  Pfft.  Guinnies will just ride Minos.

Maybe the same applies like for the Centaur and they are their own mounts in this regard.

Another mount thread, not suprised since its actually a fair point.

We have a few Archetypes with either 4 legs or huge size, I wonder how ACE are going to make this work with mounts.


They either have to make everyone equal in size, or scale up the mounts.

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Good question about the Minotaurs though... I was planning on playing one but would like to know where they stand in terms of mounts!

Might look a bit weird if they are too big...




I read on the KS comments (it's lost in there somewhere) that it's a real possibility that Mino's will just have an ability similar to those the Centaurs have as they'll be too big for mounts!

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Same as all other archetypes (besides Centaur). The mounts won't be archetype locked like some MMOs. You will need to go out, find a wolf, tame it, then have the riding skill, then be able to have mounts. Though I will agree, Elken on deer/stags or Minotaurs on bulls, would be very weird...but no different than the khajit on the tigers in ESO.

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Oh man, just think of the possibilities ! A Calvary of Centaur Legions ....  nothing could withstand that. 


Church going Centaurs?


(Cavalry...I'm not a spell checker, but I couldn't resist ;))


"Calvary" means "The place of the skull" which is probably all that's left when the legion gallops through.

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"I think 1/3rd of my postcount is telling people that we aren't turning into a PvE / casual / broad audience game." -


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Actually...I am going to assume none of you have seen a Clydesdayle up close? You know those big tractors farms have these days to drag everything they need around? Yes, horses get that size. They are immensely strong, their leg is easily the size of a normal person and their head is pretty much where a window would be on a 2nd story of a house.


You don't need anything exotic, simply a large horse does the trick. Humans riding on those horses make large men look like children when you see them. They are hard to care for though RL.

"Lawful Good does not always mean Lawful Nice."

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Actually...we have a farm right down the street that has one. They can get HUGE, all in the breeding and selection. When their tractor bogs down the horse pulls it and then drags out whatever they were towing. Sadly, you saw a small one then mate.


I could also be saying the wrong breed name, I'm no expert on horses. Just grew up with two of them, and a farm down the road has a few.

"Lawful Good does not always mean Lawful Nice."

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