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I'm Dmbrandon, And Me And The Juice Community Have Some Questions!~

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Hi! I'm dmbrandon! I'm a streamer and commentator for Smite, who is heavily invested in Crowfall! Aside from my Sapphire backing, my viewers combined have donated close to $7,000 to ensure we can all play the game together! I'll be streaming this likely on a daily basis and will take a huge focus in my life when the game launches! I couldn't be more excited, and in fact, is one of the few games I've really be completely enamored with before release in years!


With that, me and the Juice community do have some questions and concerns that we would like some light shed on. I don't have a million hours to sift through forum posts, so if the community has answers, I wouldn't mind it, but I'm not a fan of speculation! <3


With that, QUESTIONS!


  • Similarly to Star Citizen, I would like to be able to create my guild now, and have people begin joining. I intend on taking the game seriously, and would like the ability to have my guild started ASAP. What are your plans for this, and how soon can we expect website guild integration?

  • As a backer, one thing I loved and was likely the reason I chose to back and support your game publicly was a lack of pay to win options. Recently, many devlopers have spoken out against p2w, but have reneged on those promises, and changed their game to support it. (Skyforge, H1z1, etc) You spoke with confidence, but can you reassure us again now that the kickstarter has ended that P2W will not be something we need to worry about!

  • Will players be able to set up house/shop/home in another kingdom? For instance, using my kingdom as a central location for players? Or will they be nigh-on required to update and maintain their own? For instance, I know I can grant players land, but will they be able to use it as if it were their own kingdom?

  • Any caps for Guild size allowances? As a streamers whose viewers largely backed with the idea of joining our guild, this is a major concern!

  • What are your plans to ensure the playerbase behaves? Scam trades, scripts, slurs in chat, etc?

  • Will there be NPC villages with interactables, taxation, and they can be fought over?

  • Global Auction House? IMPORTANTE <3
I hope we didn't ask too much! A lot of these questions cam directly from my stream, so I hope having them all in a central location! I'm stoked for the game, and hope you guys keep an open door /  transparency policy to separate yourselves from companies like Trion and NCSoft.
Thanks from the Juice Community! <3
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A lot of similar questions have already been answered. That and there are stickied threads where they've done Q&A sessions, even so far as giving opportunities to ask questions. I'd suggest going through all that. This thread probably could've been largely avoided.

I'm not an idiot, I simply choose not to think.


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ask away...it's fine to do so...


that being said, if you don't want to take the time to read the FAQ, watch the videos or use the search button then this one is going into the Community Q&A section for further discourse...


welcome aboard, and carry on....


let the Code build the World and it's Laws....let the Players build the rest...

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Just in case you do not find the answers to soe of your questions, I suggest you have some members of the Juice community read the FAQ and post the answers they find in this thread so you guys can reference it.


Welcome to the forums.

How Can Mounts Add to the Crowfall Experience?  Caravans, Hunting Boars, and more.


How Complex can Mining be in Crowfall?  Mining difficulty, fatigue, infrastructure.

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I would answer these questions but having a bunch of 1-post accounts bump the OP is one of the more classless things I've seen in a while. Learn some better forum behavior and you'll get better results.

Official "Bad Person" of Crowfall

"I think 1/3rd of my postcount is telling people that we aren't turning into a PvE / casual / broad audience game." -


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Crowfall will totally be pay to win. Did you see the live stream from ACE studios yesterday? Below is a small clip.



"But above all do not bind the anus all that there is congenial to your vision of paradise staff" - leonelion


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