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Hello! - Long Time Mmoer

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Hello all,


I stumbled upon Crowfall recently and just those producing it grabbed my attention and cause me to throw money at the game via kickstarter.


Ultima Online and Shadowbane were some of my favorite MMOs (UO is my golden standard for MMO conversations), and I am happy to see parts of those games in Crowfall.


The latest string of roller coaster quest chains, huge crowds around auction houses and nowhere else in the world, and no real player community have made recent MMOs very lack luster.  Crowfall seems to touch on a lot of the problems and seems like it will be fantastic.

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Welcome Septimus!

Hope you enjoy your time here and I agree with views on the state of the mmo genre.

Former UO and SB player myself, along with more recent mmos also.

Anticipating our time in Crowfall and the impending Throne Wars!

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Welcome Septimus.


Another former Uo player.  Wonderful.  What shard were you on, if I may ask?


I was on Catskills back in the RP hayday of the Shadowclan Orks, Paladins of Trinsic, Unbound Pirates, The Necropolis and all of the others that made up one of the best RP communities i've ever been a part of in a MMO.

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