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The Guardians [TG]

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THE GUARDIANS LIBERTAS ARA AMPLUS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Camaraderie ~ Loyalty ~ Honor ~ Maturity ~ Integrity ~

Pro-alpha.. you crack me up Martini...     So I hear rumors of a new TG CF meeting... oooooo.. can't wait \o/

That's cool, I thought I maybe recognized the guild. Any old Cimmerians are friends of mine. Will check out your site and maybe apply.

Did you guys by any chance ally with Order on Cimmeria a few years back?


I can't find any of the older Conan server info in our archives and wasn't in TG when AoC came out, but I've heard some tales from those who were. We had a division in that game for a time, so I can answer with a definite 'Maybe'. :D

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While we put up votes, the end decision is up to who our in-game leader will end up being. That person is typically a decision made closer to an actual launch/beta, made by our guild council. The order or balance question would take into account any vote, but be the leaders choice in the end.


So far most of the games ive played, and seen that type of decision made, if its like a typical lawful/neutral/chaotic and good/neutral/evil breakdown (DnD style). In the past it's mostly been a Good/neutral choice. Typically the good is a given, and to the difference between lawful and chaotic, we seem to end up in between. As a guild we don't tend to accept/allow griefing styles of playing, but there are times other people/guilds can deserve/earn to be focused.

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