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Please Offer Tab Targeting As An Option

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I have gathered through my time parusing the suggestion box that players want focusing on a single target to be difficult. The devs have added collision and friendly fire to that affect. Adding something to help focus fire wouldn't make sense to me.


This is a good point, with collision being a thing, there will be far less chance of targets being lost in a stack or bundle of other foes.

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The Combat FAQ explains how combat will be working in Crowfall.   http://crowfall.com/#/faq/54ca4668bffce6644cb33809   Here's the very first question:   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS | COMBAT 1. Do

These replies... sigh....     Finally, someone else who actually understands that there's multiple ways to implement tab-targeting and wants to better understand what OP is asking before randomly

False.  Reread the original post:       I bolded the offending line.  While the OP has even tried to sort of clarify his point as just "I want to be able to click on someone to see their health,"

If anything similar does get added, and I hope not, then I don't want to be spotted because someone moused over and clicked on the bushes and saw my name. Since this isn't just PvP (like a giant MOBA) I'm wishing to play a scout, sneak around, gather info on what the enemy is doing, maybe find where resources are, etc. But I will not be ok with being spotted because some guy just spams tab every 5 minutes on a trail and happened to ping me. 


I really don't want an enemy player to see name tags, or "spot/mark" me. If this (or something similar) does get added I hope there's a skill/discipline/whatever that makes it so I can't just be spotted when someone mouses over me, or saw my health bar 3 feet above my head and my cover, let me hide that stuff.

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