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Greetings On And All


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Hail everyone I am Samael.

I come from Scotland right by the sea just to make sure i get the rain :)

Looking forward to Crowfall and am cautiously optimistic this game is going to be everything we can hope for it.

I found out about this game thanks to the posts of how successful its kick starter was so i am a little late to the party.

However I am now a bronze pledge so while i don't get the nice statues I am still in for the third alpha testing and looking forward to seeing/killing you all in the dieing worlds when we get in there.


Till then i look forward to combing these forums and devouring every morsel i can about the game :D

Edited by Samael

'facta non verba'

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Hi Samael !

Welcome to the Murder  :ph34r:

Ah that saltwater air hey? Nothing quite like it, breath it in deep ;)

Good to have you with us and see you in the Throne Wars !

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Welcome to the forums, Sir.  Being of Scottish descent, I look forward to getting to your country sometime before I die (I'm in the USA).  My mother got the opportunity a few years back, but I wasn't able.  


What parts of the game pique your interest?

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