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(Please forgive spelling and grammar...I also bold everything cause I'm old now and have a harder time reading text on screen)




I'm Stephen from Florida (the butt of jokes for the entire US)

I've been around since EQ and was fortunate enough to be in alpha and beta for SWG.

I worked for EB back in the day and got to play a lot of great MMORPGs that no longer exist.


Not sure if anyone remembers Motor City Online... Loved that game and if someone wants to make 

a car racing MMORPG as good or better, I will throw cash at it  B) 


Everquest (Late 1999 to 2005)

Bristlebain server 

Enchanter Lvl 65


EQ2 (Release to 2009)

Don't remember server

Shadow Knight (also don't remember last lvl somewhere in the 60s)


Star War Gal. (Pre-release / still play EMU)


Master Droid Eng. / Jedi unlock during holocron use.





Sims Online

Motor City Online

EQ Landmark (current)

Archeage (recently quit)


and many many more....


I do mostly crafting and enjoy the freedom of being able to level via hunting solo or in group play. I do not like quests! In EQ I made it to level 65 and the only quest I ever did was the "Crushbone orc belt trade in" I would rather go out and hunt/farm solo or with a group, then to run around doing quests.


I'm looking forward and hoping this game rekindles my love of MMORPGs...ever since SOE ruined SWG, I have been lost, looking for a game to fill that hole. I keep playing new ones as they come out looking for that special combination and after 2 months...nothing  :( . So I quit...  I back this game with the hopes it comes threw!


I may post more later, but have to run RL calls  ^_^ 


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Welcome...and "old" is a relative term (was in Ultima Online back in '98).  :)


I'm impressed you were dedicated enough to unlock the holocron style Jedi.


What archetype interest you for Crowfall?

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