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Medeival 2: Total War


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I played a lot of Total War.  It's a balancing act at the start.  Best strategy is to attack rebel settlements and fold them into your kingdom.  If you attack a formal faction, they tend to have more firepower, and if they have another settlement, they're going to staff-up and retaliate.  If you attack a rebel settlement, no friends will come to help them, so you can stay in the siege stance until they surrender or sally forth.  It ties up an army, but it also avoids you having to scale their walls.


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I own every Total War game and put in over 200 hours in each. I would have to say my favourites are Rome, Napoleon, Fall of the Samurai, and Rome 2. 

Generally, each game follows the same structure, so here's some quick tips;

  • Don't be too aggressive and expand too quickly, you may conquer a lot, but you'll have a lot of public order problems. 
  • I tend to build food/gold producing structures first and always upgrade them before anything else. 
  • Try to get as many trade routes with other factions as possible. 
  • It's better if other factions declare war on you because then other factions not involved in the war will like you better in the long run. 
  • Use your agents every turn!
  • If a city/province is unhappy, get an army in it! You can turn off taxes for a few turns to postpone and possibly make them happy. 
  • I usually have 3 armies involved if I'm invading another faction; two strong armies (20 unit stack) that leap frog from city to city and a small occupation army (5-10 stack). 
  • Try to balance your main armies with cavalry, infantry and range. I usually go with something like, 1 general, 4 cavalry (2 medium and 2 heavy) , 4-6 range, 6-8 infantry (2-3 light, 2-3 medium, 2 heavy) and 3 special units (elephants, catapults, dogs, etc.). 
  • The AI is predictable, they tend to have one huge army and maybe a few small 2-4 unit stack armies. If you destroy that big army, you have a good 3-4 turns before they can pump out another one to counter-attack you. 
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