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Hobo Gamer: Crowfall Article

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One of the best Crowfall articles I have read yet. The Errant Penman is the MMO gaming and opinion blog of Isarii, a lover of social gaming and virtual worlds. 




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LOL Cirolle stole your post but I agree it will help people from asking answered and over-asked question on forum and definitely something to feed on if you have no clue about the game.


Cirolle beat me to it over there in the other section. I was looking to see if anyone posted in the Fan Site section but didn't cross reference the other part of the forums. More exposure for it the better, they did a great job with the article so hopefully the masses can see it.

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I've pointed some friends towards this article as well. Just as a general shout-out Isarii has a tendency to write interesting articles that a pleasure to read, make sure to read his non-crowfall-related content as well.


Thanks for the endorsement! I already have my next Crowfall article ready go (suggested crafting feature analysis), but I may sit on it for a few days as I have no idea what's going to follow it. 

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