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Drunken Raiding Ftw.


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Dude in WoW raiding drunk was the poorly made socks with 10 mans. Sober it was quite boring.mAy be the beer talking, but that's the point. Consider this the drunken rant thread. Stories about drunk raiding or stupid stuff drunk raiders/team members did. Doesn't matter if it worked or not, bring it.

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Eve online "One Kill, One Shot" thread. Everyone we killed, we took a shot. Tons of passing out in the middle of space, drunken flight commander mumble, getting lost in solar systems or wrong systems, and drunken braying over teamspeak was had.


Actually, we need to do that again some time. That was hilarious.


"Thayer, where are you?!"
"I'm... in your mum."
"No seriously, which star system?"

"IT'S NONE OF YOUR FUCN..... OH SH!T, someone's shooting me?!"
"THAYER, Which system?"

"You're *IN* it?!"
"Oh... wait... I'm back at a station. Er wait, no, I'm in my ship... WHY ARE THESE GUYS SHOOING ME?!"

(Scout) He's in KEE, everyone head to KEE!


(Five jumps and 2 minutes later)

"Thayer, where are you?"
"Oh I died... I think... like half an hour ago or something, I think I passed out, some guy was shooting me."


Other dude "Where are you guys? This gate... no... this guy is shooting me on a gate in 1-SMEB!"


XD the memories.

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