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[LoD] Lords of Death

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[LoD] Lords of Death  [LoD] Lords of Death is a NA based, PVP focused guild formed in 1997 in UO Baja. LoD is known through our success in two decades of PVP MMORPGs such as Ultima Online, Shadow

Our "Mouthy Brit" position is currently filled by a gentleman named Will LoD but if the position opens up I will be sure to let you know  

Yeah as far as i know, the albion alliance we have formed now will transition into CF. UDL/MWH/SiN and possibly Mostly Harmless.

Benji, the flower-picking dwarf, has been told of LoD's presence and will be back to wander through your stronghold looking for daisies.

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Bump for the 1%ers of the MMORPG world.  Join the LoD Empire, and be a part of the winning team.  We're going H.A.M. in Crowfall.  Currently at Emerald pledge for guild EK, and looking to expand our domain.  Open to limited recruiting (PvP/PK/Hardcore only), check-in lordsofdeath.com forums or send a PM on these boards.



"Alert The Clutch"

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Such a nice looking wolf* you got there




*Apparently the care of bear when combined to become a single word turns into gonzo.  That is almost care of bear.

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