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Tera (Free To Play)

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Since Crowfall is going to have similar combat mechanics, many of us decided to give it a try..   It's painful to level up though, as everything else in the game is pure crap. I brought an archer t

Sold! Will download definitely now.

We collected a bunch of free codes for you guys who are interested in playing TERA  The elite free days really help@@   1) Free Dragonette (7 days) pet, 100% XP boost (7 days). 100 % Gold boost (7 d

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I have been playing Tera on and off for about 6 mos or so. I started it, to brush up on gaming xp like chaining skills ect. I now have a max Gunner, Reaper and Brawler. (have couple other classes around 50) love the combat, the quest suck though. The End game Dungeons are no joke! Hate the grind to enchant the gear. Must say thou, First game I have played that, I have max so many times and yet still a noob! So with that being said, if anyone cares to school a noob.....teach me teach me!

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