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Hey guys,


it's not really a bug, but i wonder why there is no RSS function enabled on the dev tracker? http://crowfall.com/#/devtracker

This would be truely awesome to stay up to date or even include this feed on other pages with reference to the forum link. 


Like you might have seen I am one of those guys running a Crowfall based Website and we would love to include this as a service for your fans.


Is this intended or did you just not really think about it? :-)


German Community Fansitehttp://www.crowfall-community.de/ - News | Forum | Patchnotes | Guild Hosting | Guides | Database

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Yes there definitely needs to be an RSS feed I was planning to integrate that within my forums so it will be easier to keep my guild apprised of any announcements the devs make, and I wouldn't have to copy paste everything myself. Devs can you get your website guy to put this in?

Me and my buddies are always looking for friendly people to game with. Are you that type of person? Then look us up @ www.seireitei.info ;)

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