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A Message From The Founders


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While I expect fewer updates, and less content in those updates, I expect that we are going to start to see the seed being planted and the tree begin to grow. (There's my analogy for Todd&Thomas).

We know mostly what they are building, now is the part where we watch them build it.  Looking forward to the coming months!

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I'm just wondering about the scale/scope of Alpha 1 and if it would be worth forking out cash for (I currently have Alpha 2).


Same here. Saphire was kinda in "wife reads credit card statement and goes berserk" zone for me. However I would throw some money at apha 1 upgrade  alone if I could

The Blond Myth of Aquilonia


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Thanks so much ArtCraft team!! Everything you are producing looks amazing, thanks for all the tireless work! I really can't wait to jump into a campaign and start playing the strategy game that will unfold!


And the "Slayer" looks sweet!

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