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Roleplayer Looking For A Guild (Female Assassin).

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The topic title says it all. I am a female Assassin (char name Tayeko) looking for an RP guild that needs a female, Assassin - I am good at what I do (so they say) and I usually bring good company and such to the guilds that I am in :)

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Your best bet would be to search through the various guilds and look for a possible fit. I know the Dreamlands (Dreamless Guild) did post some info about role play, I do not recall any others off the top of my head though that are taking a hard RP stance. Their link




Good luck with your search, and welcome to Crowfall

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I'm sure a lot of guilds are in need of assassins. My guild promotes classes like assassins, stalkers, and rangers. And yeah I saw something in Dreamland about roleplaying and they have a really good foundation and vision. I suggest you check them out too!


If you are interested, you can also check out my guild thread - (http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5324-a-treasure-hunting-guild-by-me-and-petroleumblownapart/)

Or you can visit our website - (http://treasurehunter.shivtr.com)


Chalcitis - A Treasure Hunting Guild, visit Forum Post

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