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Male Knight


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So I'm a traditional sword & shield kinda guy (2nd preference will always be bowman or dual wielder). Have always chosen this class type within most games I've played. So of course you guys can probably guess who I'm going to be playing.

Anywho here's a little fan art I created of the male knight. I'd love to hear who you guys are most excited to play and why, as well who you'd like to see drawn next and I might just do it (maybe) haha.  ^_^

If you guys want to see the steps I went through to create this you can check it out here

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Great work.

I'm more of the stealth, hit and run type, so i'm going with the fae assassin. Would love to see some art of non human archetypes.

Awesome, I had a stealth phase myself, but I just kept finding myself right back in the middle of the action, tanking damage and dealing out some swings and hits while right up in the enemies' faces, that's where all the fun is. :D


And non human archetypes. Got it! I'll see what I can do. :)

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