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Female Ranger Revealed

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A nice new update. Thank you ACE for your hard work. I am sad that some had to leave your team but I hope it all works for the better. Once kickstarter pledges have been linked, will there be more options for pledges?


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Thanks for the update.  Nice puppy!


Nice Art and update. Question though why is there what appears to be a hair pin or needle running through her ear?

We need to get you out more Pang.  It's a scaffold piercing - kinda normal.  Well maybe not for all circles of life but hey - to each his/her own.


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This female ranger is really beautiful! Her wolf too  :) I love the contrast between the warm colors of the clouds illuminated by the sunlight and the cool colors of the characters and environment.


Nice to learn that new people will join you guys, sad to know that some may leave.  :(

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