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How Hardcore Will This Game Be?

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I would advise going to the main page and clicking the button "About the game" before the bridge denizens eat you.

The lion man!  

Its going to be so hardcore you will feel like a badass eating cheetos in your moms basement while talking to other nerds in ventrilo.


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Yeah should read the FAQ and stuff first I think. But I think regardless of where ones playstyle preference lies they'll be able to find their niche in the various rulesets.

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Depends on your definition of hardcore.  It isn't going to be some immense grind of character progression.  It doesn't seem like it is set up to be the most mechanically challenging game, but since it is very much focused on player conflict you will probably be fighting other players pretty frequently and people provide the best and worst challenges. 


We can't determine how hardcore it will be until great players are in the game seeing how far they can push the game skillwise. 

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first of all - what is your hardcore gaming style? playing 15 hours a day, 7 days a week? organized guild play or lone star solo player? 


And btw. read the already existing threads rather than starting a new one. 


Also please specify easy mode? I mean it's not like we get a endgame quest pvp armor which out-plays crafted and "dropped" armors. (not that there were any). Also it's not like we get any relevant items handed to us. I mean I'd be happy to carve a helmet out of player skulls - but I guess that a bit too drastic or well... dregs can be pretty brutal. Anyway back to topic.... please specify what you have in mind or read the existing things here. 


So yeah.... 

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So hardcore I will probably cry.

Can make that happen, just sayin.    :)

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So i was wondering if this game will be easy mode dedicated to the more casual comunity or will it have a more competitve edge? Iv been looking for a game that will test me and i think this might be it.


This game will be very competitive.  I think it will offer play styles for both casual and hard core gamers, but will be more skewed in the direction of hard core players.

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