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Foxes, Elementals, and Other Things. (New Racial Archetypes Discussion)

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Hey he played the Landroval server. I remember that name. Maggotstew (Orc Reaver) and Budhorn (Freep) were also pretty big names on that server.


Back in those days though the creeps were pretty outnumbered. From what I saw creeps dominated from the first expansion on which made playing one way less enjoyable. Just not enough targets.

"To hell with honor. Win."

A Beginner's Guide to Crowfall (5.8.5 Edition)


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We have like.. Eight Archetypes which are basically just Humans in various outfits. We have.. Anthro Deer dudes. Centaurs (Male and Female!). Minotaurs (Male only? Probably.) Guenicians (Probably Male

How about cricket bards?

Scout Archetype Confirmed  

I say stick with what we have. Bull men, deer men, guinea pig men and horse men I think are enough. I am content with the archetypes right now as they give us variety, without making it too crazy. If we go off the deep end too early adding Cat men, lizard men, dragon men, dog men, etc. it will quickly turn into a Furry game and not a fantasy RPG. I say ease into future archetypes like WoW does with races. We can start off with a "Tauren" but wait it out before we add "Worgens" and "Pandarians". A good balance of characters is good for a game, too much of similar things gets weird. The few animal, elf, human and magic races we have are good to me.

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I would liek to see some more animalistic type races along with other non humanish race that u dont see often such as mentioned above like elementals or non body being like xeraths (from LoL) or Broken Lords (endless legends) Basicly suits of armor.


Speaking of Endless legends i do like the concept of combat merchant race that they have in it. But i spose any race/class could play a merchant roll in here.

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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Ratmen. I wanna see Ratmen. 



There will probably be a Were-Rat Discipline. At least I hope so.




How about a mouse instead?

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I'd rather just get more archetypes for the races we already have.

The trade-off for having combined race/classes in Archetypes is that you get way more flexibility in player characters, and you can ensure characters are easily identifiable by Archetype. Having ten different generic humans is a waste.


Besides, it's fun to brainstorm and pull archetype ideas out of our collective butts.



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I'd rather just get more archetypes for the races we already have. 


Also, furries pls go.




Here to stay, brother.  ;3  I'd like to see a fox or wolf though. Canine races are under-represented. MMOs always go for the cats instead!


That said, the Duelist will likely get sub-classes to give it a lot more variety, like Bombers, Engineers, Gun Slingers, etc.

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