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It Still Stings.

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Did anyone else get to read: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5792-gordon-walton-are-you-the-one-who-brought-us-the-nge/?p=142029


Gordon talked about his experience with the NGE. I honestly thought I was completely over it, but reading still brought back just a taste of the memory. Both the CU and the NGE. How they felt so rushed and going backwards. And how it felt like they took the money for the expansion and then just ruined your brand new toy. I dunno. I mean I would have likely stopped playing sooner or later anyways, it just felt like I was basically kicked off.


Also I am fully aware that SWG had SO SO many issues that had to be corrected. I try not to use nostalgia tinted glasses when looking back.




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