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Caiden Magnus Dei “The Early Years”


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            Ciaphus Vanmedelle was a stark man, strict in his ways, and devout in his faith.  He ran his household as he ran his life, with complete and utter obedience to the laws of the church.  Ciaphus was a Prelate in the service of a sect of the Holy Church of the All Father named Magnus Dei.  His family was small, but proud.  His wife, Allorah Vanmedelle was a godly woman and devout to a fault.  She was the cousin of royalty and had spent her youth in and around the great city of Kings Cross.  Although a relation of royalty, her family was not favored in the royal court due to her sister marrying an Elf and giving birth to an Aelfborn offspring. Allorah spent most of her time in the church, in the service of the All Father.  On a chance meeting, Ciaphus was sent to Kings Cross as a representative of Magnus Dei to speak with the priests there.  Upon seeing the group of Prelates Allorah was enamored with Ciaphus. She was stricken by his stature, commanding presence, and complete devotion to the All Father. Ciaphus himself had taken notice of Allorah and inquired about her name and lineage.  Upon talking to her father they were married. Two years later Allorah gave birth to a son.  His name was Caiden.   

            Caiden was his father’s son.  He took to his lessons and guidance through the church and was steadfast in his beliefs.  Ciaphus knew that his son was destined to follow in his footsteps and become a Prelate and serve in the Magnus Dei.  Ciaphus was proud of his son and did all he could to guide him in the true and proper ways of the Church.  This didn’t mean that Caiden was coddled.  Far from spoiling, Ciaphus put Caiden through the trials of being the son of a holy man.  He demanded that he be pure of thought, strong in body, sharp in mind, and holy in spirit.  Caiden was instilled with the knowledge that the only law was that of The Holy Church, and the only true god, was The All Father.  Caiden was true to his father, the Church, and the All Father with all of his being.

            Now seventeen years of age, Caiden was studying as a priest and well on his way to becoming a Prelate on his eighteenth birthday.  There had been a skirmish in the Desert lands between the forces of the Church and the heathen race of sand elves named the Irekei.  The church decided that this needed to be ended quickly and that the might of the Holy Church should be shown to these heathens to quell any further aspirations that they may have of attacking the Church again.  Corrupt factions in the Church were secretly stealing resources in the desert and making tons of gold from their sale.  This was what the Irekei were angry about and was the prime provocation for the attack.  The powers that be knew that the Order of Magnus Dei would not agree with this and were therefore a danger to the future profits of the Church.  Plans were set to end the Magnus Dei and give the Church a valid reason to have full scale war with the Irekei.  This would cover their tracks and make sure that the citizens and royalty of the Humans would back the war.  The Church so decided to send the Magnus Dei to settle this skirmish in the desert.  They knew that Ciaphus would be one of their biggest problems and that his son would also cause dissention if he knew of the misdeeds of the Church.  So it was decreed that, since this was just a small scale skirmish, that the Magnus Dei should also take their priests in training.  This, according to the church, would allow for real world battle training, without the risk of loss of life.  This charge was gladly accepted by the Magnus Dei and was seen as an honor by Ciaphus to fight alongside his son.  The decree was set, and they were off to the desert lands....


To Be Continued...

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