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Explain Crowfall In A Sentence

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Crowfall is the opportunity given to a multitude of crows to explore, conquer, tame, save, extract, kill, spy, transport, cast, steal, craft, join, dig, betray, collect, dominate, love, crush, build, avenge, act, compete, shoot, play, flee, recruit, trade, plan, improve, destroy, rescue, gather and fight in the ephemeral World they selected, embodying an eternal Archetype they've chosen and in the name of their preferred God.


This needs a TL;DR. Too many words. Not enough brainpower to process.... 

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Mine - "WoW meets Portal 2" 

judging from your profile picture, you are secretly hoping it will be elder tales(maybe without the... separation from earth part)

Might I interest you in a low-interest mortgage?

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