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Crowfall: Not A Pvp Mmo

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What other terms are there that have been "destroying" what you consider PVP?


If you have to fight off "zombies" in Crowfall, are you then a PVE player? A PVPer participating in PVE?


Or is PVP such an all encompassing term that it is everything wrapped into one?


Such that GW2, Crowfall, Counterstrike can all be summed up with calling them PVP games?


Or do they have PVP + XYZ which depending on the extent of XYZ, might make them completely different from one another and PVP is just one aspect of a much larger and complex design?


Honestly I'm just throwing my opinion out there of how I think modern games really don't use these terms well anymore, I'm not disagreeing that Crowfall is a PVP game.


Clearly I'm off on my own little world in this and most prefer PVP/PVE and arguing over semantics and what not, but it seems like such a fruitless discussion.


Guess I'll just consider all game to be PVP+ wher I fill in the blanks to what the + means, it might calm the voices  :wacko:

There have been terms thrown around like "Partial PVP" (sometimes you PVP sometimes you dont) "Minimal loot PVP" which meant partial loot if any. terms like PVPPVE is stupid, when your playing PVP your PVP when you playing PVE your PVE. So basically your either one or the other depending on what you are doing at the moment. Other terms for PVP tend to dumb down PVP to its minimal abilities. Which in turn takes from PVP! I personally am PVP and PVE, when im out fighting other people (real people) Im PVP, when im just killing off monsters in the game etc.. Im PVE. I play both but enjoy PVP the best.

Famous last words..................


It doesnt look like a fire breathing dragon!?

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Lol, your post OP. "players are the most important part of the game", but player vs player isn't the most important? I don't think you thought this through trOll-P.

thanks for the awful poorly thought out topic OP, this forum definitely didn't have any, so this was important

Nope, no lock.  We are all behavin'.  At least I am.  

Maybe it not about the happy ending. Maybe it's about the story.

RIP Doc Gonzo "to anyone...speak your mind...defend your position...be prepared for an Argument and enjoy the process of the discussion...that's all part of any good Forum experience"

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I hate to be one of these kinds of non contributive posters but I'm gonna ask anyway. Why is this thread still a thing?


11 pages at the time of my posting of people arguing about how to categorise the game. The category doesn't make the game, the game gets it's nice shiny label after we actually see what it's like.


This thread is stupid.

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