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Shadowbane 2 (Theory Bane0


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We know this game is not Shadowbane 2.


But it's funny to think of what it would be these days. If we think about changing these factors:


1. less development time

2. realistic budget

3. better server stability and less lag for tons of toons on screen

4. don't give you the ability to kill your own pop

5. modern gaming update


So, that would bring us to probably:

- less race/class combos

- Either instanced cities or something similar to an EK

- A lot less armor types (all those different types of cloth and 100% armor none of us even wear)

- mounts

- more in depth crafting system either just as depenedent on cities but also available for solo crafters without a city

- anti-ganking measures on noobs

- either more emphasis on the original geographic server situation or some way of nerfing the zerg (sieges having hard limits on numbers on each side with queues) to make it a definite 24 hour game.



Just bored and tossing around what-ifs. I think a Shadowbane 2 would hardly be recognizable in today's gaming world compared to the original.

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I don't think you'd have to change all that much except the graphics and engine. SB's ruleset was fantastic and it also had amazing lore, which I didn't bother getting acquainted with until I was a bit older.


The consequences of sieging might have to be made less harsh to appeal to more players. It was tough on a lot of guilds that they could sink hundreds of man-hours into building a city and see it turned into Mogadishu over a single night.


An SB2 would also have to be tested relentlessly in alpha and beta. The ruleset may have been too ambitious for the computing power possessed by the average player at the time, maybe even the servers that then existed. I couldn't even last in a big siege during the first couple months without SB'ing over and over. And I had participated in some gigantic epic fights on Asheron's Call's Darktide server with an inferior PC and connection. One of my friends and my cousin ran around on DT with no problems on dial-up, and in this game you had keyboard movement and had to be physically hit by projectiles or spells in order to be effected by them.


Scourge of the Shadowbane community, Public Enemy No. 1 to the SBEMU Forum Moderators, and member of the "Suppressed Person" faction on the Ubiforums. The man responsible for hooking up Ceska and CheckYoTrack. Also a 21-time World Heavyweight Champion of Shadowbane.

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MAT pretty much nailed it.


I would not suggest fewer class, race, discipline combinations. That is one of SB's greatest strengths and something Todd and company got right. The content available from only disperate character building could keep an ocd player like me on the hook for years.

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I heard they liscensed the unreal (3?) engine for shadowbane 2 but that it all went to hell when ubi decided to go f2p and abandon the game to focus on "next gen platformers."

As much as Wolfpack needed Ubi to bail them out, shadowbane was doomed to never develop past what was out. It was a mericle that throne of oblivion came out, and that so much was pushed out before it finally stalled out at the f2p model.

I think what made SB fall short (besides the lack of WP experience) was that the Gathering of Developers publisher deal fell through and ubi picked them up. This is also why I think if they can crowdsource Crowfall they will not have a publisher breathing down their necks and they can get the game they want.


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Times change.  Horse drawn carriages become rocket ships.  SB is dated, not that it wasnt way ahead of its time.  Magicbane has already proved that the original game could be improved to the point that sb.exe could be eliminated and 300v300 banes were possible.

But even though SB was ahead of its time, it is still dated.  Remaking it would be like beating a dead horse.


CF is and should be the next step.  SB with improvements.  We already know that we will have character development like SB, siege very much like SB etc. etc.


All we really have to worry about is that ACE will release too soon.  I do believe that past experience will make them hold back till all the bugs are out.  That way we wont lose players prematurely like we did with SB.  


I still expect to play SB.   It will just be called Crowfall.

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