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Viking King Greets You! Skål!

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My name is RealBlankspace, Blankspace, RBS, or a few other unsavory nicknames.


I started gaming a LONG time ago playing a game called Breakout for Atari. Yeah. I'm an OG.


When I started getting into competitive gaming it was only in the FPS world. HLDM, Quake, Doom. Led right into CS, the CAL Leagues (RIP in Peace), and TF. Somewhere along the way someone introduced me to Vanilla WoW (Google Cocaine and Addictions) and I became a hardcore raider for several years while in college.


Fast forward now I'm a single dad to the most amazing daughter in the world, a full time partnered streamer on Twitch, I raise money for charities such as Operation Supply Drop and Childs Play, and a #HealthyGamer! 


If you are looking for in-depth analysis of combat systems, dev design choices vs player interaction, some casual spreadsheet nerding, mild Econ-pvpness when Crowfall hits Alpha I'm your guy. I'm the streamer/gamer who likes to dig into the way a game works, how the developers probably intended something to work, and how to gain the largest advantage from the knowledge we have before hand. I also workout during my stream and I'll encourage you to get up and move around too. Don't feel like you have to. My favorite trolls will send me pictures of them eating pizza while I'm doing pushups.  :wub:


Looking forward to getting to know you folks in the next few months!









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Welcome good viking sir.

If you can keep the assaulting and pilaging to a minimum, we can have an awesome time! ^_^

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." - Abraham Lincoln

A solid quote, I'd say.

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I do believe I will be stalking your posts ... a lot.
Probably won't send pizza pictures though, there's usually not enough bacon in them.

Welcome to the Crowfall Forums!



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You sound like my kind of gamer RBS. I just followed you on twitch. Would love to pick your brain some time about gaming, streaming, and what you want to get out of Crowfall.




Anytime man! Stop by the stream and fire away or PM me here :)


I'm a pretty open book and I love helping people out!

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Want some friendly advice from a long time recruiter Freeze?


If you want bodies... you can get bodies. Simple shotgun recruiting is easy mode.


Want players who will listen, help out, be awesome?


Post solid content. Be engaging. Be badass. That'll get you more people who are worth a damn to play with  :D  :P  :D  :P

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