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Big List Of Crafting Questions

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1) Are there different qualities of the same resource?

2) Are there different sub-types of the same resource?

3) What does the tree for resources and thier sub types look like?

4) What kind of stats do resources have, if any?

5) How visible are these stats?


Resource gathering:

1) How are resources gathered?

2) Are there gathering skills?

3) What impact do those skills have?

4) How do resource gathering points vary?

5) Is there a finite supply of a resource at a given point?

6) Does equipment affect gathering?


Resource Storage

1) How many of the same resource can be stacked?

2) Do you have a seperate resource storage bag?

3) If there are different qualities of the same resource how do you manage those stacks?

4) How are resources held when not in your inventory?

5) Who has access to those resources not in your inventory?


Resources as Loot/Transporting Resources

1) What do killers want to see when looking through a "crafter's" bag?

2) Is there a way to obfuscate the resources that are being carried?

3) How big of a loss is dying going to be for a crafter?

4) Will it be more effective to carry 1 big stack or lots of smaller stacks?

5) Should killing and looting be as effective as taking the time to gather the resources? Especially since crafters are "giving up" combat skills?


Getting Resources/Refined Resources/Crafted Items to and from EKs and Campaign Worlds

1) How are stacks of resources going to be treated by this system? Is each stack a single item? Or is each piece seperate?

2) Is it more effective to bring back refined resouces instead of raw ones to your EK? Or to a Campaign world?

3) Is it more effective to craft your items before a campaign ends to get items to your EK? Or before you go to a Campaign world?


Refining Resources

1) How many refining steps are there?

2) Are there skills involved in refining? How do they impact the refining process?

3) What are the GUI mechanics of refining? Click and drag? Mini-game?

4) Can you set multiple outputs at once? i.e. make a 20 ingots from 40 raw resources at once?  

5) Are there multiple ways to refine a resource?

6) Are the outputs of refining variable based on the same inputs? (i.e. varying qualities or stats)

7) Can one resource be refined in different ways? (Like using additives? or using a different skill?)

8) How do resources combine during the refinement process?

9) If resouces combine and there are variable stats for resources, how to those factor in the output refined resource?

10) Are there subtypes of a single refined resource type? What does this tree look like?

11) Do you need a workbench/tool to refine resources? What affects do these have on the refinement process? Do these breakdown?


Acquiring a recipe for an item

1) Are these actual items?

2) Are they transcribed into a "book"?

3) Are they all "known" form the start and your skill unlocks them?

4) Are there variations of recipes?

5) How do we get these recipes?

6) Are there personal recipes?

7) Should there be unique recipes?


Experimenting with recipes for an item

1) Will players be able to discover recipes on their own?

2) How many variationscan eb made out of a single recipe?

3) Will players be able to store/flag favorite combinations for a recipe?

4) Are there combinations that won't work?

5) Will experimentation be done though crafting or as a separate system/interface?


Crafting the item

1) What does the interface look like?

2) Is there room for experimentation during this process? i.e. Additives?

3) How does crafting skill affect this process?

4) Are the output item stats variable? What factors go into this variability?

5) Can items be mass produced? Though what means?

6) Do you need a "workbench"/tool to craft? Do these vary in abilities and quality? Do they affect what recipes can be crafted? Do they break down?


Enhancing the item 

1) In what ways can an item be enhanced?

2) What determines if an item can be enhanced while being/after being crafted?

3) Is there variation in how much items of the same type can be enhanced?

4) How do enhancements themselves vary?

5) Are enahncement components universal? Or can they only be used in a particualr tpe of recipe?

6) Do you need a workbench/tool to enhance items? Do these things break down like all other items?


Repairing the item

1) Does it consume resources to repair an item?

2) How to crafters determine a repair fee?

3) Can repairing be automated in EK's though thralls?

4) Are field repairs possible?

5) Do we need a workbench/tool to repair an item? How these tools to repairing certain items? Do they breakdown? 


Scrapping the item

1) Can you get the raw resourcs back?

2) Can you get the refined resources back?

3) Can you get the enahncements back?

4) Can you get any other components back?

5) Do you get a base or a variable amount back?

6) Is this dependant on skill level?

7) Is scrapping a separate skill?

8) Do you need a skill to scrap an item?

9) o we need a workbench/tool to scrap an item? How these tools to scrapping certain items? Do they breakdown? 


Selling items/resources/refined resources:

1) Can any information be hidden during a trade?

2) How are values determined?

3) How will wiki's and internet perferation of information affect values?

4) Are monopolies allowed?

5) Will the only place to find "fair" values be online? or will there be an in game stock market tool?

6) How does money work? Where does money originate from? Is it a limited supply? If money if infinitely generated, how do you keep inflation in check?

7) Will NPC vendors be set it and forget it? Or will you be able to tweak them to respond via AI? (Such as offering discount for bulk?)





I'll try to update this as I see more questions/topics for crafting.


I made this list to show how complicated a crafting system is. I saw most crafting system topics fight for a single aspect of the system with out really considering the other parts. Hoping this will help people take more things into account when they make a proposal for the crafting system.

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Great questions. I have my "Be Extra Patient/Not Allowed To Obsess" hat on right now about crafting in a feeble effort to let the crafting dev team do their work without a gazillion pestering inquiries from me. Your list is a little bit like therapy in post format.


You may need a section for Crafting Skills down the road. 


How far do the crafting skills drill down? (ie: can all jewelers make all jewelry or can only a ringmaker make rings etc?)

Is there passive training in crafting?

Can players train in more than one crafting skill?
Can we abandon/retire skills and if we do is all progress lost?
Will the quality of crafted items increase as a crafter's skill increases or is quality only dependent upon resource stat and quality?
Will skills be "found" ie: runes?


If I think of any more I'll post them. Thanks for the great post.


The Chronicles of Crowfall           The Free Lands of Azure            RIP Doc Gonzo.

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