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Proper Introduction From Cheven

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Hello Crowfall community and gamers out there,


I'd like to reveal myself to the community, so everyone know who I'm and what I'm looking for. 


So, here it goes;


Hello, my name is Steffen and I'm 25 years old. From what you can tell about my name (sorta), I'm from Norway, commonly used a lot in Denmark if I'm not mistaken and short form for Stephanus in Latin. (Fun facts) 


I've a degree in Computer science and information security. Currently working for a major company, which I'm located in the -security analyst- section of the company. I love exploring everything around software and find a big interest to keep my hands busy with hardware related materials. 


I'm also a social dude which loves to hang out with friends and I'm active on the dating front. Shocker, ey? Just kidding. 


I've a vast gaming experience, which is going back to MMORPG's like "RYL - RiskYourLife" Hardcore Asian MMOg, SWG and EQ1. I've pretty much experienced everything there are about MMORPG's and the whole universe around it. Which has brought me some good understand experience when it comes down to MMO-games and how to proper maximize your truly potential among people.


Throughout my MMO history, I've witness some really heartbreaking moments with guildies and meights. Also this "ear breaking" soundwave of nerdgasm screaming after downing bosses like C'thun, Onyxia, Nefarian, illidan and so on.. Good times, indeed. I can still hear the screaming in my ears, when I think about it. 


I've also been active on the PvP front in Vanilla, TBC and Guild Wars 1/2. Nothing is more gratifying than downing players and winning in GvG/WvWvW. Keeps the blood pumping and fingers rollin'..


Other than that, I'm really looking forward to explore everything there is to explore in Crowfall, both PvE and PvP sides of things. Since I'm not active in any MMORPGs at the moment and saving my MMO eager for Crowfall. I'll dedicate myself 100% toward Crowfall when it releases (of course). Duh!


I'm also a huge fan of guilds, which you can tell. So I'm looking for a solid and active guild at the moment. (So, we're not breaking any rules, let's take it through PM) 


(Fun fact): I probably spent around 3/4 years in a guild before x MMO released and I had like 5k posts in that forum. 2-3 week after the game was released, we disbanded. Long story, so I won't got into any details. 


So, thanks for taking your time to read this introduction. Hopefully I didn't bore you to death, (Naw, I know you didn't) *kawaii face*





..Almost bedtime, up early.

Edited by Cheven


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Welcome.  Nice to see such an enthusiastic intro post.  Though we're still thin on detail, which archetype tickles your fancy thus far?

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Thanks for the warm welcome, Hobs. Still deciding which archetype I'll go for, since I like to do some research first before I take the final. 


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Well then, if the archetype must wait (actually most people tend to only have a favorite based on past game play at this point), what parts of the game intrigue you the most thus far?

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I usually stick with caster class, since I've always been playing mage for several years in WoW and feel comfortable with ranged class. So I might roll Ranger from what I'm reading so far, but not 100% sure yet. In my latest MMO experience with ESO, I rolled melee for the sake of trying out something different, which I really enjoyed. Withstand heavy hits (heavy armory that's it) and be on frontline of combat.


What really brought Crowfall into my heart is the dynamic environments, MMO combinded with strategy elements in it (building castle, claiming territories, managing resources etc) and the campaign.

Edited by cheven


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