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All The Best Swords Have Names, You Know

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talking about flavor text, you could add even sillier mechanics to entertain people.


Say that I as a crafter for faction X would have a skill called : opposing flavor


Every time I craft a weapon with opposing flavor text, some random item crafted from an opposing faction could get the opposing flavor text.

If by miracle you'd get to loot it, bringing both to an experienced crafter you could forge some cosmetic item that could be displayed as an achievement of some kind, or reforged as something better. Yes you'd have to be very lucky, but think about it :


active crafters could get some renown that way :

"if you buy a weapon from Z, you are more likely to get a cosmetic Y"


It's just silly unpolished ideas I'm spewing forth here, and most likely many wouldn't care, untill it becomes a thing 


It would also drive the economy to some extent, some weapons would be more valuable to some then to others,

and I think something of the kind would benefit the idea of a player driven economy in a pvp game.

Dear ace, it was wrong of me to feel scammed, as time goes by, I realize that more and more. Thank you for letting me sell my account!

-a very satisfied customer-

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I like the made by option, and it would be cool to have the option to put a name on the item, maybe via a rename option. This is because in must ancient cultures warrior would name their weapons examples of this can be found in the Icelandic sagas and many other such sources of lore.


As for me I plan to use the following names if it is an option.

Solmaeker - a sword

Eldgeirr - a polearm

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