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What's the single biggest thing you want from Crowfall?

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meaningful, fun long lasting pvp system

-political meta game -open, non consensual, pvp -a complex, stable, player driven, economy

Character customization so ridiculously deep it beats shadowbane by a mile long margin (I ain't asking for too much am I?)   This is what a gimp character should look like in comparison: https://med

I just want it to be a game where me and my friends can just jump in, make a guild, and just get into the PvP and PvE world everyday, for a long time. Basically, i want it to be a game that a person and their friends can play for a really long time, without loosing interest.

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Challenging fun.


Alternate answer?


Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.

That is good! That is good.

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I hope there is a decent storyline not just some run around clubbing people to death , shooter style game . there are so many of those on the market . I hope this game will require some level of intelligence . 

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-lots of character creation options and diversity

-for the game to be more about a good character build than a good piece of gear

-to have gvg open world pvp


-city sieges

-Lots of races and significant differences in bonuses received from each race.

-beastlike races to choose





-I dont expect to see this period, but....I would love to be able to have a main class and then a sub class to choose too, like in FFonline.  It could be set up that you get your subclass at half the level of your main class around the same level(main class level) as when you leave the safe zone leveling area.  That could make you level too long in safezones though.

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