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Just noticed that there isn't the standard "post steam name and games to find people to play with" thread, unless I am just bad at using the search function, so here it is. What better way to make friends and enemies than play other games with each other, right? So here is my info. Hope to play with some of you guys in the future.


Steam Name:




Games I would like to play with others:



Bloodbowl: Chaos Edition

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (I only like to play deathmatch game mode)

Dota 2  (I am extremely new to the game)

Endless Legend

Grand Theft Auto V Online (Once it releases in a few days)




Payday 2

Planetside 2  (Character name: Naosumeijin, NC faction, Emerald Server)

Sid Meier's Civilization V

Total War: Shogun 2


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I have none of them sorry man.


No problem. The entire point of the thread is for each person to post their steam name and the games that they do have and would like to play with others. So if you see someone with a game you have and like to play you can potentially contact them and have a gaming session if you would like to. It wasn't for me to just post my info, it's for everyone to take part that wants to.


Also, as a side tangent, Dota 2 and Planetside 2 are free games, so you can have either of them anytime you want if they interest you.

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I am ilfar.drachadi and cerin on steam.


Be damned if I know what I want to play multiplayer, only recently shifted off an ISP who instituted CG-NAT without telling anyone - multiplayer didn't work for most things, wasn't that fun to track down given that their tech support folk either didn't know, or didn't realise it would affect things.  :/  Been a while since I got my bottom handed to me by a human.   :P


edit:  God I love this profanity filter XD

Edited by ilfar

Press to test...


Release to detonate...

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Excellent idea!


Steam Name: Anthrage


Games I play/would play:


7 Days to Die (play on a friend's private and persistent server, can maybe offer a spot there or willing to play elsewhere)

Age of Empires II: HD Edition

Besiege (should they ever add multiplayer!)


DayZ (would rather not though)

H1Z1 (have set up a Crowfall H1Z1 Group)

Left for Dead 1 and 2

Life is Feudal

Mount and Blade, M&B Warband and With Fire and Sword


Path of Exile

Planetside 2 (have set up a Crowfall Outfit on Emerald/NC)


Risk Factions

Savage Lands

Star Conflict


System Shock 2

Tabletop Simulator


War of the Vikings

War Thunder

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robot494 on steam. 


Games that I play:


Battleblock Theater (Fair warning, I suck at it.)

Don't Starve Together

Civ V (Although I don't know enough about it to be dangerous)

Stronghold Crusader 

Path of Exile

And the ever popular TF2

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I was curious, and found this open group.


My profile


Multiplayer Games actively played:


Rift (Faeblight, Guardians side, very casual)

Torchlight II



Age of Empires II


Outside of Steam

HEX (username is MeridianTG)

Star Realms (username is MeridianTG)

Edited by meridian

[TG] The Guardians | Discord: Meridian#7510
Solopreneur of Aqualith Media
(No, not that Meridian.)

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