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$Cash-Shop$ 3D Models

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I was playing with some guildies, and we start speaking about 3D printer ...


And we aggreed on a thing, having a physical figurine of our ingame character is such a dream : A dream that can be true with 3D models ...


Well ... 3D printer are very expensive atm ( and not that good if it's not a professional one ...) But there is company that print and send on demand.

What do we need to make this dream a reality ?

An export fonction from the game !
I dont speak about print and delivery, just the export of the .stl file.

Could you consider this option ?
If people ( like me ) can pay 5, 10 or maybe more for cosmetic ... How many coin can we spend on physical figurine ?


( sorry for my not good as i want english )

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I would love to have a figurine of my main character!

This is one of the greatest ideas for a cash shop I ever heard.


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I like the sound of this idea; I'd love to have a figurine of my character. Granted, production costs and shipping are always going to be a factor but if the price is reasonable this is a service I'd gladly support.


Come to think of it, why stop at just character figurines? I see great potential in getting physical print-outs of player cities. I think that a scale model representation of my favourite Crowfall locations would also look great. These model cities could become the centre-piece of any shelf space or display.

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so my mind is blown.



it'd be awesome if we could save the 3D model of our character with gear. then print it ourselves or send it off to get it printed for us.  


Personally, Id prefer to see the character as a base and have gear that could be changed.

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