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The Immortals [EU] guild


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The Immortals membership is only by a short application. We do not accept blank applications because if you cant be bothered to fill out a few lines we don’t know if we can trust you to ever work as part of a guild. We do not ever ninja invite, so please do not ninja apply.


See our YouTube page loads of PvP & raid videos on there
Our Facebook page put a face to that dodgy voice on VoIP ..not just mine. (Our TS3 server:
Our Twitter page follow to see upcoming events, news etc
We have even been featured on ToRWaRs


Things thats quite nice to know:
List your past MMORPG experience, if any.
Have you played MMO before you don't need to list them if you don't want, just nice to know what you know  ;)  , don't let it worry you if you have never played one as it makes no difference to being accepted, its just nice for us to know what level you are.(in lots of ways newbies work out better than old vets like me (old being the key word there :huh: )


Web and VOIP:
While we don't expect everyone to post stuff daily on our site, a intro would be nice for the other members to see who you are.
We also expect all members to come onto our VOIP maybe not everyday, but certainly at sometime, and definitely
for all Guild events! - Not having a Mic is not a factor so long as you can hear whats being said.


We expect (without fail) for all members to sign up to our raid planner (game dependent).
We don't have lots of hard & fast rules, but the few we do have we expect players to adhere to.
We are a 18+ outfit, sorry please do not apply if you younger it always comes out. (a good deal of us are 30+ with quite a few in the upper 40's)
If for any reason you feel you cant meet any of these requirements then I guess The Immortals would not be the best fit for you.
To the rest Welcome to your New MMO home.

Last few games to mention a few we were in:
TESO & WS as The Immortals (both were very short runs)
PS2 as the Immortals (Myth)
GW2 as The Immortals (Myth)
Sw:tor, as The Immortals.
DC Universe, as The Immortals.
WaR, as The Immortals.
AoC we had 2 guilds Broken Promise on the PvE server Crom, and The Immortals on Fury, last time I checked they were still going quite well.
LoTRo, we were called Rohan Riders there, (we only use Immortals name in games that have PvP, as in some kind of world PvP). We here to have a laugh, run raids..wipe ..kill all we see and maybe re-spawn together..... well unless you in a group with Bobricka ..then not only will you die but be lost and broke as well.

To join us, we have a very short Application form, or just ask any member online to point you out to a guild officer!
Email Address
Age / / (MM/DD/YYYY)
Nick Name
Best Night To Play
How I Heard About :
Application Comments


There is a issue with sign ups to our website at the moment, please send me a PM or email immortals@hotmail.co.uk, with username, password and email required and we will manually set up an account for you.


The Immortals 

We lived a thousand lives united we stand, we don't fall!

The Immortals

We lived a thousand lives united we stand!

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what EU server did you play planetside 2 on?


your name doesn't ring a bell at all

Woodsman I think it was called our tag there was Myth


"Who are you ingame sir? Are u part of a honorable nation?"


The Immortals

We lived a thousand lives united we stand!

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oh alright... Miller represent :D


no wonder I don't remember ;)

Still a few playing this though I am not was a tad bit disappointed to be honest.

The Immortals

We lived a thousand lives united we stand!

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Hey all! Great to see that The Immortals are going to be trying out Crowfall. Even if know one knows what it's all about yet! Count me in with you :D  

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