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Twincasters Stream Community


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Thank you for showing interest in the Twincasters Stream Community!!


Who are the Twins?

We are identical twins who have been streaming on twitch for a little over a month. We currently are the only set of twins who stream both of our game screens. Our stream consists of games that require teamwork or a co-op style of play.


You might be wondering what exactly this community is?

The twins are forming this community in order to bring a casual yet highly organized group to Crowfall! It is brand new but we plan on making it a fun and productive atmosphere.


Are you guys recruiting? If so what are the requirements?

Our recruiting status is currently set to OPEN.(We will have this open until we feel we are over capacity)

Our recruiting requirements are set to SELECTIVE.(This is subject to change over time)


The current requirements will be pretty high due to looking for skilled players. Once we get a solid group setup we will open the flood gates for recruitment. Our current requirements are 18+, Mic required, must be familiar with teamspeak and finally filling out an application. The application will be basic info along with short answers. Please take the time to fill it our properly because failing to do so might result in being declined.


What kind of guild structure will you be following?

As of right now we will have a King, a Council , Highborn's, Squire's , Peons , Slaves


Our Plans?

We are still working out what we would like to focus on but as of right now PVP and Politics will be a major focus with crafting as a side focus.



If what you have read so far has caught your attention and you feel like this guild might be the right fit head over to our website and APPLY NOW!


Teamspeak Info:


Social Media:

Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/twincasters

Twitter - @twincasters

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgyZq9tcMVIlnqUk63cKe3A

Edited by ACarroll


Current Recruitment Status: OPEN      Check out my stream on twitch.tv.

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