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The Last Brood Community

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Hi guys,


My name is Nevest and I'm part of a newly started community.


The Last Brood started of as a World of Warcraft guild in 2010(and still is) and just recently turned into this great social experience; we like to call a community.


 We would like to expand our game experience to the great game of Crowfall.


But we can not do this alone!


We need you to help us out!


So if you still need to find a social group of guild you want to join, please contact us for any more information.


You can find all info on this website:




Hopefully speak to you soon!





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The last brood is currently active in GTAV, WoW, HotS and Battlefield Hardline.

If you want a friendly , fun adult environment and still looking for a community to play with , please consider us!

We might be small but i can assure you that our TS is active daily.


Have a nice day!

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