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I am still working on the All Father and will have some updates later this week. Until then I would like to put out a vote for which bit of Crowfall art you would like me to make 3d. 


Here are some options feel free to add more. I will probably give it a couple of weeks for input.






2. Crowfall_Female_Confessor_Concept.jpg






















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Guinea Pig and Mino had their singular pauldron on the wrong side.  Unless they are have a weird defense and are gambling that their opponents dont know they are mutants and fighting weird.  The pauldron goes on the side you present to your opponent, so that it can protect a larger area.  The guinea pig and mino have their melee weapon held in the opposite.




That dude in the lower left wearing the blue with a big blue war board with a little yellow on it is me.  

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I think 5 has a lot subtleties that would be a nice to see in a 3d work and aswell would be a proving challenge for you.

Just imagine a smiley after everything I say.  Works out best for us all.


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2,5,6, since one of those will likely be my main,  I love support and dmg and scouting ^^


,,...You get killed over and over again, that doesn't mean the game is unbalanced - it means that You are a bad player" -JTC

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