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Limited Vs. Unlimited Ability Slots

Limited vs. Unlimited Ability Slots  

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  1. 1. Do you want limited or unlimited ability slots?

    • I want limited ability slots.
    • I want unlimited ability slots.

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i want to play vs humans not against unlimited finger machine


You want Boxing then.... that way ---->

> Suddenly, a Nyt appears in the discussion...

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plz dont say poorly made socks just to win +1 post count :(


The "poorly made socks" ability is the only ability button you need.

> Suddenly, a Nyt appears in the discussion...

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Limited action sets encourage diversity in builds. Diversity in builds allows for more unique encounters. You shouldn't be allowed to be a jack of all trades, and I think that is the way they're going with their system. That being said, limited sets doesn't necessarily have to mean that you're limited to 12 skills. As others have said, two to three hotbars of 12 skills or so max would be good. Any more and you're getting into territory where skills are so situational that they are essentially useless.

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people keep coming back to that argument...


the flaw lies within lazy ability design, not with the number of abilities.


Read up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correlation_does_not_imply_causation


You are right that the fact that it happens in every single game with open hotbars doesn't mean it will automatically happen in Crowfall. Maybe the devs of CF will resist the temptation of lazy design that is just tacking on X to a class when enough people ask for it. But when you give me the choice of "Do I think CF will be in a stark minority of games that offer unlimited skills and don't use that VS just make them limit the skills from the start and make every skill meaningful." I will take option 2.


Basically you are putting in place a system that is open to and accepting of bad design. Vs a system that mandates every skill be judged on its merits. Having a road with no speed limits doesn't kill people. Having fallible people on the road with no speed limit kills people. And after the damage is done its hard to go back and unkill those people.


Ultimately, the advantage of allowing more than say 10 skills is the ability to have more than 10 active skills. Having a plethora of skills isn't compelling to me vs the idea of having 10 skills that are similarly impressive and options in deciding those 10 skills. Having an open unlimited access actually REMOVES choice vs allowing it. Removes customization and decisions.

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I'd rather not get into this discussion again, so I'll just say this ...


Players should be able to do everything, but not all at the same time. I believe this would promote diversity and tactics based on their choices and levels of specialisation.


Vet players should be distinguished by how well they use/sort their chosen skill-set, not by how many skills they can stack. The latter would just give people with excessive amounts of free time an overwhelming advantage + it would give re-rolls or newbies that much more need to grind which in my mind does not add to the game


Then again, it also depends what abilities exactly. Could not find the info on this, but if there were more mundane/common skills (e.g. 1% extra run speed or 1% longer breath under water) which give only minor advantages maybe those could be could be separated into a  "common pool" without limitations.


Any reference link to the ability slots info would be much appreciated.

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Neither, where is the neither option?


I feel like the best option is more action based controls like Vindictus or an action platformer,where a great deal of various attacks and moves are mapped into very few inputs.


Having an attack scheme which allows players to attack differently depending on some simple sequences like tapping right and left mouse buttons, adding in combinations with directional movement, and maybe two other keys like duck and jump will allow for dozens of actions to be accessed without exploring a keyboard. It allows attacks to be measured with the time and difficulty to preform in a tactical manner rather than focusing on universal cooldowns, and additional effects and non combat actions can be spread around the keyboard.


It also has the added benefit of being easy to adapt to a controller for more comfortable extended action play and console viability.


The answer of how to have dozens of actions without having abilities strewn across the keyboard is input sequencing, or whatever the industry calls it.

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Unlimited bars/slots, but limited skills to put on them...


While I don't mind the "deck" system and having to create builds with a larger pool, I'm all for being able to see/use all skills that a character knows, but I prefer that total to be kept down.


Don't want to see 5 or 50 skills on a screen. 20-25 would probably be a decent number. 



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This is actually a more complex question that Limited/Unlimited, because the actual number of abilities has a huge impact on the answer.


If archetypes only get 10 abilities, maybe I don't want to limit them.  But if they get 100, then I probably want to limit them at least down to half if not lower.


That said, maybe a system would be cool where my character has 5 slots, and there are specifically 3 abilities to choose one of for each slot.  That would be limiting 15 abilities down to 5, but would make the choices clearer and might make it better.


Implementation details are key.  A simple yes/no on limited vs unlimited doesn't really cut it.

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Limited, so you actually have to think about what you are taking with you (Tactic). Also in the most games with unlimited ones you still only spam your 5 skills, the other ones are not used and just sitting there clustering the screen with UI (Quality of Life).


,,...You get killed over and over again, that doesn't mean the game is unbalanced - it means that You are a bad player" -JTC

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