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First, some great news. During our Kickstarter campaign, we had a separate stretch goal running: we promised to count our overseas backer amounts on Kickstarter against this stretch goal, and this str

Pann just sent 5k more emails.  ~10k to go.  So PLEASE DON'T email us if you haven't got your email yet.    You can email us on Saturday if you haven't gotten the email AND you've checked all your S

I also sent 5,000 emails just now. Would you be interested in breast enhancement and/or viagra?

The backer code isn't working for me.   =\   Does the site not like Firefox?


(The field where I put the code turns green when I press "Submit Code" but nothing happens beyond that.  A few moments later the green fades.  I've already tried going to the "Backer Rewards" part of my account information to confirm it's there, and it's not.)

Make sure you're scrolled down a bit.  There's a second button to press.


The Chronicles of Crowfall           The Free Lands of Azure            RIP Doc Gonzo.

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Tried it on Chrome and it worked.  Guess it didn't like Firefox.  =(

Quite possible that a Javascript component being used is buggy/broke for Firefox.  Didn't use Firefox myself here since I have it loaded with security tools (which tends to break websites that depend on multiple CDNs to properly function).

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Florida Man Wins Hunger Dome Match.  Performs Victory Fire Dance.  Dies.

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Worked at the first try for me and i'm using Firefox

Se un uomo non è disposto a lottare per le proprie idee, o le sue idee non valgono nulla o non vale nulla lui. EZRA POUND



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Just got mine today, account now amber-fied, actually had a power outage right as I was clicking to confirm code and was hoping it wouldn't mess anything up, but luckily everything went through just fine.  :)

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Relax people it will take days to everyone receive it :D

Its not like you can go ingame after receive it hahaha

Oh so I wasn't supposed to download the client? :P

Me and my buddies are always looking for friendly people to game with. Are you that type of person? Then look us up @ www.seireitei.info ;)

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Got my email yesterday but didn't notice because it was in my advertisements folder at gmail.

Amber connected here :)

Merketh: "If you are looking for a loot grind that's equivalent to PvE raid experiences of other MMO's, where you max your ilevel, wait for the next content patch, rinse repeat then this is absolutely not the game for you."

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Guys. You make this thread unnecessarily long for new people who come by. They can't read stuffs like "It takes a while, be patient" as you guys stretch this thread so long, that no one would want to see everything. Be silent, be patient. You get a EMAIL SOONER OR LATER. It doesn't matter if now or tomorrow.

So please stop spamming. If you get a code, fine, be silent. If you didn't get a code yet, fine, be silent and patient. If you have problems with the code, then post your problem in the support forum or PM tyrant personally (Please don't ban me tyrant for leading people to you if it's not your job).

Overall we've spend our money because we trust and believe ArtCraft and its upcoming game. Trust more and stop shaking this trust just because of impatience.

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