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Female Ranger All Seasons Finished


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What a gift you have Steppenwolf.  The details you incorporate are amazing.  The shadows, skin tones, hair... wow!  And the emotions you put in these character's faces make them come alive.


You are very generous in sharing these with us.  I'm impressed with your talent and your generosity.


         http://crowfall.shivtr.com/  The Lantern Watch - A Crowfall-first guild. Welcome Home.

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It's... so... awesome! The shading is so cool

As a high school student right now making this stuff is my dream job, but alas I can't draw people :(


Hi Jeko


There is no can and cant draw:)

Its about finding your path


I am a digital artist...

(WAS I guess, as now days as a CD I mostly draw for fun on my own time and tell other people what to do for work)

I live in a part of the world where i have to be a jack of all trades or I dont eat.

As you are in the USA you have a much bigger sand pit to play in


There is far greater opportunity for specialists over there.

So not having a good eye for people or figures is not only subjective... its also not very important.



If you want to get a handle on drawing people

I have a few pointers for you.


1. LOOK allot before you draw, dont just assume you know what you are seeing, really take it in.


2. The light and shadow, negative space etc define your character as much if not more than the structure of that character. None of my illustrations above are good examples of this :)


3. Draw from life when ever you can. does not have to be people

Take a cheep pad of paper and a ball point pen and go to your local zoo

Spend the day and scribble your heart out


I was in New York city 12 months ago

scribbling on a paper table cloth with some crayons in a restaurant

I drew the workmen outside, the waitress, the customers and anything else I could

Lady next to me bought the whole damn thing... all rough all random


Good luck, and share with us some of what you do :)

Edited by steppenwolf
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Phhht go to my behance site.  :lol:




and you will see several that top it

They are just not appropriate on a PG rated game forum. :ph34r:


But seriously

I started out here just doing versions the crowfall guys had not worked on

Female Centaur (even though they are not having one)

Female Champion

Femail Ranger

and now male Druid

Edited by steppenwolf
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I'm quite impressed with these overall, the rendering and details are very pleasing to the eye. Although I'd say my favorite part has to be the mood you've presented, especially how the mood transitions from spring to winter. It's a really nice touch!


This is some excellent work Steppenwolf, and as someone who is an aspiring artist, this is both impressive and motivational! Definitely hoping to see more of your work in the future.

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