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Crafting: Materials And Recipes


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I am very excited for the gathering/crafting system in this game.  A PvP focused game where player skill is focused on rather than who has the best items equipped.  This means items will break and need replaced.  This also means that players will need several options of high-end items so they may fit a weapon or stat into their spec.




For us pure crafters, tagging your equipment by "Made By ______" is nearly essential.  In a game where you can be a pure crafter, a customer/client list and reputation is a HUGE boon.



I believe all recipes should be known at the beginning of the game.  I believe difficulty to create an item should be focused on how good that item is, or the materials used.  For instance:

  • All crafters, at any skill level, should be able to make a sword, shield, mace, etc.  However, the quality and durability of the item reflect the crafter's skill and materials used.  As the crafter's skill goes up, so can durability and the ability to use higher level materials/alloys to get better results.
  • A recipe should not be limited to an exact item, but to a type of item.  I.E. a short sword.  Depending on what materials you use on the sword, coupled with crafter skill will determine what stats the sword will have, and possible name.  "Iron Short Sword" or "Silver Short Sword" or "Steel Short Sword."
  • This makes crafter skill and materials used of equal value, splitting the importance of gathering and crafting.
  • The above being said, I can see a few, and let me stress the word few, items being almost impossible to make no matter the material used.  However, I would limit those recipes to 1-2 of each type of item.  Such as a katana being harder to forge than a short sword.

I believe having all recipes known at the beginning of the game will reduce the effect of, "I can make you a legendary one-of-a-kind sword that no one has ever seen."  I personally think this takes focus away from PvP as people will want a sword and go farming instead.  Not to mention a lesser focus on skill and more focus on grinding materials.  PvP for me please!



Raw materials can be either limited or abundant on any given map.  However the rate at which they can be gathered should be consistent to all gatherer's in that given campaign.


Here is a question for materials; should crafters be able to make them into refined materials, or should gatherer's have that ability?  Or both?


In the case of refined matierals, should there be raw material combinations to make complex refined materials such as alloys for metals?


I also believe there should be better materials as your skill goes up.  However, there should be multiple "best" materials, each giving a different stat choice.  That allows crafters to create different types of weapons/material combinations.  This allows choices to be made for weapon/stat.  That means not everyone will be using the one "OP" weapon/stat choice.  We all like variety :)




Please post any questions, comments, rebuttals, criticisms below.  The more opinions the merrier and better the game will be.

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I'd like to see most of the recipes there at the start of the game but a few that are craftable when skill levels get high enough and a few that show up on different campaigns. 


Even just 10% upper skill level + rare campaign recipes in the mix adds a great amount of intricacy to the crafting profession as a whole.


Please note:  I am not suggesting that the campaign recipes be a very rare drop from a high level mob on the campaigns.  Rather the point would be that the recipe is available for those willing to commit to a difficult, high risk campaign with a bit of effort on their part.  So perhaps it's on a tough to kill mob but the drop rate for the recipe is high.  I don't want to see folks endlessly grinding a boss to get an 8% drop of a recipe *shudder*.


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I don't want to see folks endlessly grinding a boss to get an 8% drop of a recipe *shudder*.


I couldn't agree more.

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Please read the Economy FAQ which directly addresses most or all of your requests.


"Ideally, crafters need to be able to “mark” their product so that they can build a social reputation and a following."


"Crowfall’s recipes are fluid; because the ingredients are not as strict, which leads to a higher degree of system exploration.

For example: You have a single recipe for “Plate Helm” in your list. The requirements are 3 metal and 1 cloth 1 Leather and 1 additive element. The player can choose which tiers of those resources to put in those slots. As long as the slots are filled with something valid, the recipe will craft. They can even add something special to the additive slot to alter the item in a significant way. This reduces our recipe count by about 90% and every recipe in the Crowfall player’s book remains useful. Moreover, the result is more varied and it’s going to be up to the player to figure out the “right” combination of reagents to produce the desired result."


"Each of the Archetypes in Crowfall has an initial package of skills, and some of the Archetypes have specific crafting skills in their package. For example, the Forgemaster starting skill package has some initial blacksmithing skill and recipes. As the character progresses and engages in Campaigns they will discover Discipline Runestones such as Weaponsmith, or Armorsmith. As you pick up new Disciplines, that opens up new skills and new recipes. ...Most of the crafting-oriented Discipline Runestones can be used by any Archetype, though each character is limited as to how many Disciplines they can use."

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