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Thoughts On Character Names

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But creating the logic for this is completely impossible.  What happens if I make a character named Fourier?  It's got four in it.  Catwoman has two in it.  Mithree has three in it.  Asevendar has seven.  I could keep going all day making up names with numbers in them that aren't using the number as a number.  How are you going to actually enforce this?


Capone.  Petwora. Ethreel. Malfourel. Elfivera. Essix. Phasevent. Wreight.  Moninette. Attenborough.  SenorEleven.  Ok, that last one was a stretch.


Okay, scrap that restriction then!  :lol:


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So I can call my character fæŋtʃʌm then?   Sounds fun.   How about this system: Every player gets to pick a 'Dynasty name'. This name is unique to them and is displayed on all of their characters

special characters mean no guild invites. if this game has specific character summoning (shadowbane) there were guys i refused to summon because they thought naming their character lllllllllllllll was

It's not easy to report a character for speedhacking when his name is a string of Unicode.

In my opinion, I think that names are more meaningful without numbers or symbols.


Edit: In terms of reserving names, I would love to be able to reserve a name for my character. I just hope it wouldn't be too unreasonably overpriced. 

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