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Phantastic Potion Possibilities


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I love potions, and their wild range of uses from health pots to poisons. Many games have implemented various potions to be used various ways. I was wondering what wonderful ways you hope to see potions used. Here are my top three favorite potion usages:


1. Venomous Potion - adds venom procs or poison dots to applied weapons


2. Illusionist potions - disguise your self as an npc monster or merchant to infiltrate enemy controlled areas


3. Ability potions - temporarily gain an ability otherwise unattainable by your class, can be duration or charged based.


These are just a few of my favorites, please share yours and what you hope to see in the game =)

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In this age, potions are more impactful on a game than people realise.


If there is any potion that gives any sort of noticable advantage to win a fight, it will be the meta to use it.


Which innately puts casual/lesser skilled players at a disadvantage even by the potions just existing, because from past experience, casuals dont spend the time to farm enough to use them every fight, or they dont use them because of the fact its "scummy", "you potted, it wasnt fair", i think artcraft will have to be very careful how they implement them.


That said, potions i feel would benefit the game pvp-wise. (imo, all potions should share a CD, so you must choose wisely)


Free Action Potions (yes, WoW)


Healing/Mana (regen, not instant), Regeneration promotes longevity of a fight and can sometimes that small hp regen can be the balance a 1v1 needs, nothing worse than outplaying someone and them surviving due to a pve-farmed consumable.


Higher Resists for x amount of seconds.


Run Speed for x amount of seconds.


For fun potions, the possibilites are endless, slow fall, lesser fall damage, costumes, drunk effects, change the visuals of your mount, as you said, illusion potions.

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I for my part am not sure if Potions, Food and such things that give you Combat advantages are fitting in a pvp game.

It's frustrating if you know you are in a fight, but you have no chance at winning because your opponent has this and that tonic, boost or whatever.

There won't be such things in a game that I would design, because having to stock on items after you logged in to just simply don't lack

damage or armor compared to other players has for me nothing to do with skill in a pvp game, it's just annoying and prevents you from what you actually wanted to do: crush your opponents.



But I get that some people like such things and I would not totally kick this feature into the bin, but it must be carefully and critically looked at from a balance point of view, so that i has not a too high impact on fights and may just  add a little bit such as the last 1% for having you build  maxed out.


,,...You get killed over and over again, that doesn't mean the game is unbalanced - it means that You are a bad player" -JTC

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This game is going to have a very in depth crafting system, this we already know. Obviously the advantages from thralls and stat specific gear will have a much higher impact on character stats then potions, but this doesn't mean there is no place for potions.


Having a diverse and expanded potion selection seems natural to me for a game like this. I'm not concerned with people's worries about this, but what they are looking forward too. If someone invest a large amount time and resources into their potion selection they should have a significant advantage in PvP. The same rule applies to any crafted material in the game. If I initiate a fight with a poison bomb then you should have a panacea pot to remove negative effects. It's not unfair, it's just like if you and I have the same armor, but I have mine imbued with magic runes because I took the time to do it, then obviously I have an advantage.

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I agree.  Potions can have a wide variety of uses in a PvP game.  


Run speed out of combat potions

PvE damage bonus

Out of combat healing

Temporary Crafting or non-combat skill increase


And those are just to name a couple.  There are also many cheap and effective ways to make them combat effective in PvP without them being overboard.  Just use cooldowns and metrics properly.  I remember reading an example of what Disciplines would be in the game.  They stated purely it was an example and subject to change, however Alchemy was one of them.  So I have a strong feeling there will be a potion market.

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