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Mac Support?

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Please don't turn this into a Windows vs Mac thread. Both OS have their merits. I just prefer OSX after using both for years, and I don't really want to make a partition and buy a Windows license just for one game.


Seems pretty reasonable these days to expect a Mac client from larger studios (WoW, GW2 and ESO all have Mac clients) but I understand Crowfall will have a limited budget so I thought I'd ask for confirmation and hopefully have some other Mac users display some interest to help the devs decide if the port is worthwhile.


Thanks in advance.

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There's information right in the FAQ:

As well as comments from kickstarter relating to it:

"More tiers, we just haven't seen a good way to do this that doesn't have more negative than positive repercussions. We're preparing for the post-KS tiers, and the value proposition of each of the current tiers ranges from really good to insane (Amber and Sapphire in particular). Post-KS all tiers will move to more of the "really good" level. Making those that backed the KS get the best deals. Our stance is the earlier you back, the higher value you should receive. Macintosh native client. (the current client does work on Macintosh's that have PC compatibility mode, we've tested it) We have a future stretch goal for a native Macintosh client. It's expensive though because it requires people. Making the client when you have Unity is relatively easy (this is the part of the Unity hype that is true). Having people dedicated to it both for the ongoing debugging and QA is required. No one wants a client that isn't at a high quality level and there are always version specific errors that arise and the QA testing is just as extensive as the PC version and it must be done. New hardware and OS upgrades complicate the support of both Macintosh and PC platforms. On top of this the two clients must always be in sync from a feature standpoint. Any issue with one or the other client will hold up publishes until they are resolved. Often Macintosh support is promised but it's thrown out there hoping it will work, but we wont take this on unless we can do it at the quality level we ourselves would want as customers."

"Also, I worry about a similar divisive reaction (that we saw about VR) from backers to a future goal around, say Macintosh and Linux client support. While it doesn't help those already on PC's directly, greater player numbers is what any MMO needs to be vibrant and interesting, particularly when our game is PvP and player economy focused. We should fight among ourselves in game, yet try to have a more measured discourse in our community outside the game. After all, we should all find common ground in making the game better, i.e. more true to what it is at its core. Finding the people who will be engaged by this particular experience will be something we're always doing, and we'll always need your help in doing it. And most new people when confronted by a factitious and bellicose community are turned off and turned away. It's commonplace with so many F2P MMO games and online games in general. I'm hoping we can be anything but commonplace with Crowfall."

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