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Hello :^)

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Decided to start using the forums alot more instead of lurking so should probably do one of these introductions.


From england, played 90% of popular mmos, pvp orientated but can competently complete most games pve content, play to win mentality, i always play to get better, pretty logical about most things, will try to understand peoples points during an arguement/discussion.


love music, cooking, like watching fighting sports. 


Will probably play a mage or support role, i like to be able to make an impact on the battlefield rather than stealth around and take out one unsuspecting noob.



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Depending who is playing who, most sports can count as fighting sports...  Do you mean the stuff where people are supposed to fight, or do you include the stuff where folk tend to fight whether they're allowed or not?  ;)


You can make an impact on the battlefield stealthing round, just go for the more challenging target that's making a difference instead of that lovely squishy noob type.  Noob types do tend to make much more satisfying death noises though, I'll give ya that one ;)

Press to test...


Release to detonate...

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hah ilfar, i meant sports where fighting is point of the sport.


Boxing/MMA mostly, cant say i follow them both religiously but do enjoy watching old fights and popular current ones when they're on.  


That is true but in this day and age, with respawns and voice comms taking out a leader isnt as much of an impact as i'd hope, i prefer to be able to turn the tides of a fight in a big way ;)

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