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Change Login Doesn't Change Forum Identity

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If I log onto my account and go to the forums, I see me.

If I log out, and let my friend log in, the home page shows he is logged in, but when he goes to the forums, it is still using my account.

I can fix this by clearing cookies.


This is a fairly major security hole I think, since it appears that it is possible to access my account without proper credentials just by using old cookies.

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Similarly, there is currently no account logged in on my computer for the main page, but I remain logged on to the forums.

And going to the forums before logging in for the first time, then logging on in another open tab and refreshing the page with the forums got me a php error (though I'm afraid I didn't capture it before mistakenly closing the tab out).

This is all happening with Chrome Version 42.0.2311.90 m running in Windows 7.

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