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So I love the Archetype art and approach for this game, but I have two main issues with the presentation.


1. I don't think the bios actually do anywhere near a decent job in presenting the characters. They are often times confusing and non-descriptive (or at least not as good as they could be). And if this approach is going to continue, I think the lore books that keep being sited need to be released, so that we have some frame of reference. All in all, the bios seem to fall short from all angles.


2. I understand that Crowfall can only really release what they have decided on or completed, but it would be really nice to understand a bit more mechanically how these archetypes are meant to behave. We have no metric to understand the stats that have been given and what they impact other than speculation based off of the normal ways stats work in MMO's. I crave hard data about these things so I can start to plan and min-max!


What do all of you think about the archetype presentation? About the lack of data or fleshed out lore?

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We'll get significantly more info about each archetype as we get closer to playing the game.

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I know that we will get to know more later on. But my issues are more with the bios. I don't really understand the purpose of them as they are. And I don't like that we keep seeing references to some lore book with no link to it. They only give a short view into one type of character, but it is not done well. And this stands in stark contrast to how well the Crowfall team has presented the other aspects of the game. My issue here is not actually the lack of information, but rather how little the bios actually generate in value when they could be doing much more had they been better written.

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I think the bios are just a dab of flavor.  They aren't meant to give you an overview of the archetype, just a glimpse of one example of that archetype. The bio doesn't represent all characters of the archetype, and isn't meant to equip you with all you need to know about playing one.


Don't try to read too much into them and they will be less confusing.  They are a lore tease, and a tease is all they are ready to give at this time.

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Thank you JAH. I appreciate that. I guess I'm just impatient, haha. But I still think it could be better flavor.


Yeah, lots of the bios don't even give a hint as to their actual abilities, just very vague info about their background. This is really just a matter of waiting for more info. Which like you, Im impatient.

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