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Immortals (Known From Darkfall And Albion Online) Coming To Crowfall!

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Hey folks,


As an established long time gaming community "Immortals" (www.immortals-online.eu) are pleased to officially announce they will be waging war in Crowfall!


As we already have a large player base from other games including WoW, Darkfall and Albion Online we don't yet know how many new players we will be recruiting but we will certainly be looking for both EU and U.S. Players. If your interested in having your name down for selection closer to the Alpha stages please post the following details in this thread:





Play time per week (in hours):

Archetype preference:


Once we have a better idea of the number of our existing members that will be joining us in game then we will be carefully selecting new players from these applications to bolster our numbers.


Thanks and look forward to seeing you all in game!


Ryco Windstorm

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Well either way, welcome to the community.. I liked Albion what little i got to play it was nice i could play it at work :)

Not sure if you were talking about Albion or Albion Online. They are quite different.


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Not sure if anyone is known for Albion online, what was there 10 people in Alpha? :)


Don't blame us for showing Sanbox what a zone rush land grab looks like...

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